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M&L Compliance Management (MLCM) provides comprehensive training related to affordable housing programs, specializing in LIHTC. MLCM has also been recognized by the National Association of Home Builders to proctor the Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP) exam.

The affordable housing industry has a variety of programs to aide low-income households in obtaining affordable, decent, and safe housing. While many of these programs are similar, they each have their own nuances that make them unique, which requires staff to be knowledgeable in each, and all, programs pertaining to a property to maintain compliance.


Of all these programs, the LIHTC program is the most effective affordable housing development program in history and has resulted in the creation of more than two million units of affordable housing. Staying in compliance with all applicable regulations requires specialized skills and expertise.


While we do general trainings on various affordable housing programs, we can also tailor a training to meet your specific property’s needs. All participants receive a Certificate of Attendance and a resourceful user’s manual related to that specific training.


Our trainings consist of:





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